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Your friendly CPA FIRM you can trust!

These days, running a business effectively in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced world can be challenging. Businesses of all sizes may get dizzy with offers for the latest in accounting programs & accounting rules, and other packages. We can clear things up for you with a full range of personalized financial services at competitive rates that will free you up to focus on what you do best - running your business. We work closely with our clients and give them personal attention and by showing them what we do, we provide them the tools to do it themselves and to better understand their own business.

KAPAS CPA FIRM is providing differentiated & specialized services to our clients with customer tailored design by highly experienced members. Our values are based on the principles of customer service that are, quality, responsiveness, integrity, accountability. These values are shared and fostered by each one of our staff. KAPAS CPA FIRM is unique from other firms because we want to be an extension of your business and not just a vendor. 

We Do For

  • CLIENTS PROSPERITY : We do our best to provide accurate and affordable services to our clients for their prosperity
  • WELFARE OF STAKEHOLDERS : We will keep try to provide maximum compensation to the stakeholders and to lead the staffs toward successful career path
  • THE RIGHT THING : We  act or behave correctly, appropriately, or with the best intentions. We are none of us perfect; but try to do the right thing

We Collaborate Through

  • BRAINSTORMING : Team members to come together on a common platform and work towards the achievement of a common goal by thinking, brainstorming, and offering various perspectives to provide solutions
  • PROVIDING VALUE : The team sees value in working together as the common goal gives them a meaningful reason to work together, along with receiving mutual benefits 
  • EQUAL PARTAKING : Collaboration provides every team member with equal opportunities to participate and communicate their ideas

 We Deliver

  • ACCOUNTING SERVICE : We strive to make our clients feel comfortable discussing their situation and finances
  • TAX SERVICE : We prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses, which include Corporate, Partnership and Trust 
  • PAYROLL SERVICE : We offer payroll services that is best suitable clients' business needs and enable clients focus on their business running
  • INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICE : We help foreign companies & ventures entering in US including individual investment

            Jacob is friendly and easy to talk to. I get my tax returns done by him and he can give you lots of good advice. He's knowledgeable in his field and is very reliable. 

            I highly recommend him if you're looking for a CPA. 

          The office is easy to find as it's at a corner of a four way street and there's ample parking available in the building parking lot. As with professionals, lawyers, or any other saturated profession, 

           it's hard to find a good reliable CPA you can count on and Jacob is one of those rare people!

Jessica, Elite of Yelp

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